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People That Care

"We called on Facility Support Services for help on a disastrous plumbing leak in our restaurant late on a Saturday night. They came out quickly and handled it and did not overcharge me. We had our restaurant back in business again in the next morning and it looked like nothing ever happened. It’s so nice to do business with people that care."

Emergency Service - Above & Beyond

"We had a truck driven thru our plate glass window to burglarize our retail store in the middle of the night. When we were notified by the police, we immediately called Facility Support Services for their help. They responded immediately. They worked with the police to help remove the vehicle from our store, cleaned up the mess, and boarded up and secured our store. They also took photos of the damage for our insurance company and then the next morning replaced all the broken windows and doors. We also took them up on their suggestion to add bollards to the front of our store to prevent this from ever happening again - that sure makes us feel better. What a relief and what service! Thank you all!"


Business Expansion Without a Hitch!

"Facility Support Services came to our rescue. My business partner and I wanted to expand our business to a larger location but we both were under pressure to do so without interrupting our daily business and needed some help. The Facility Support Services people helped us thru this move without downtime and with minimum stress and hassle. They helped us with expediting permits; coordination of deliveries and the move, design and build out of our new offices and customer showroom and many other small things we needed to make this big move to our new space. We honestly did not think they could pull it off without a hitch - but they did. Thanks FSS!

Happy Tenants – Happy Property Manager

"We have worked with Facility Support Services for 7 years or so now and rely on them time after time. They help us transition new tenants into our warehouses – sometimes with very tight deadlines and all times with care, concern and focus on meeting our deadlines and meeting our tenants expectations making them feel very comfortable in their new environment. They work very closely with us and our tenants to plan, guide and execute our remodeling efforts to our satisfaction and provide solutions that work within our budget. We are glad they provide one-stop shop service that saves us time and saves us money."

Home Remodeling Inside & Out

"Facility Support Services helps me again and again. I have called on Facility Support Services several times as I’ve decided a new look and feel would be great and as I learned about new heating and cooling technology that helps me save energy and be more comfortable in my home. They have now completed two kitchen remodels and bathroom remodel for me in the last ten years as well as installation of a new heating and cooling system that made a big difference in my house. They also have redone our landscaping several times to help make my home more appealing from the outside. I’m thinking I might want to just do a little more remodeling of my man cave to bring it up to par with all the new fun technology out there now. I will be calling Facility Support Services soon for my next project."

Support & Service When I Needed It Most

"I never thought that I could get all I needed from one service provider but we did with Facility Support Services. I had severe water damage to my home when I was gone on an extended vacation. I had damage on two floors and really had a mess on my hands. I was so glad Facility Support Services was there for me. They really went over and above what I expected. They not only fixed up my home but went way out of their way to help convince my insurance company to pay for getting my home back to it’s original condition - instead of just a settlement that would hardly put my home back to original condition. They took photos of all the damage – both visible damage and damage in my walls and with my HVAC systems. They then provided replacement and installation solutions that were fair to my insurance company and worked to my satisfaction. The work was extensive and included new flooring, painting and plasterwork, electrical work, a new boiler, new lighting, new cabinets, new fixtures and toilets, ceiling repair and more. I am so thankful for the kind of service I got from Facility Support Services and so happy I did not have to call 15 different companies to repair my disaster. Great support – great services. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"