At Facility Support Services we have been delivering repair, maintenance, remodeling, and new construction services for Colorado residential, commercial, and industrial owners for many years. Our One-Stop Shop model makes us, quick, reliable and the best general contractor company in Colorado. For our Repair Services our company started as a commercial repair service company, but

house fire repair

We last talked about repairing your home after it has sustained water damage, but today we look at a similar topic but with a different element. Fire damage, much like the problems created by water, can severely harm the structural integrity of your building. Those looking to invest in commercial properties might find that they

prevent water leaks, denver construction

When it comes to Denver commercial construction, water damage repairs is one of the most common services requested by the areas residents. Snow, ice and rain all have their ways to find themselves inside your property, and should it go undetected, it could lead to much larger problems. The team at Facility Support Services, Denver’s